Know Knockers is a company specialising in the smaller end of the lingerie market based in Cambridgeshire and has been trading since September 04. We know how difficult it can be to find smaller sizes being on the small side myself. Here we aim to stock a well thought out range of quality products that we hope will be of interest to you. We are continuously looking for small bras that don't look like the sort your Mum would buy for you!

If you have any specific comments, needs, questions or suggestions, we will try our very best to help. Just go to the contact us page and e-mail us at [email protected]

It was started by Sheila and Alison in 2004 both professional musicians by trade. Since then Alison has left the business and Sheila's Mum Janet has joined so it's a bit of a family affair now. Sheila is a viola player doing as much work as she can including playing for all the Royals at Covent Garden, The Coliseum, RPO, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, BBC Concert Orchestra, Welsh National Opera, West End shows such as Les Miserables, Woman in White and the Sound of Music and a whole bunch of other stuff too. We're all Northern too!.

Sheila and a sample of her small bra collection

Where it all began

Take a Break Tycoon Idol 2004

We are delighted to announce that we have won a competition for small businesses called Tycoon Idol run by 'Take A Break' magazine.

Off we headed to the Take a Break offices in London to be royally wined and dined and presented with our prize. They treated us to a fabulous lunch, and magically kept re-filling our wine glasses - maybe they were trying to relax us for the meeting with Tony Blair later that afternoon - who knows!!

So, off we trek to number 10 to meet Tony (Mr Blair to you). Ex Tony now…

Here we are with a new found buddy - he just wouldn't let go of my hand, so I just kept smiling. My jaw still aches!

OK - this is the moment when I asked Tony if he thought Cherie would need the services of Know knockers. His reaction says it all don't you think?! in fact he said he couldn't remember and would have to go home and have a look!.

Saying goodbye.