Glamour Gel Sew-in Pads
Sillicone Sew in Gel By Wishes

Glamour Gel Sew-in Pads

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Silicone Inserts by By Wishes
Part Number: GLGB
A must for swimwear. These soft, natural moving, sew-in pads can also be worn inside a bra for additional uplift. These are a watery clear gel unlike the Little Secrets and Cookies (see below for those) so mould to your natural shape and very useful in the fact you can sew them in, so no dangers of falling masonary.....  In clear.  The box that By Wishes supplied was wrong and huge so we've taken to sending them minus the outside box, we hope that's ok with you. We'll start using the proper boxes when we manage to get hold of the right ones.

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