Dear Sheila and Janet,

Thanks for your e-mail about my order being shipped.

The whole time I was looking on your website yesterday, I had the urge to write you an e-mail thanking you for being there! But then I thought it might be a bit over the top to do that, so I didn’t. But today the urge is even stronger, so I’m doing it!
I just wanted to say what a nice feeling it is, knowing you’re there and knowing you can get nice bras even if you haven’t got much cleavage to speak of.
I ordered some lovely bras from you a few years ago, and then had a little time-out while I had my son. It was great having a D cup for a year or two while I was breast-feeding! But at the same time, it didn’t really feel like me. And although I slightly regretted shrinking again, it still felt like coming home again. And there are great benefits to being small on top. When you have bigger boobs it’s really easy to look frumpy, because your clothes don’t fit your waist as well, unless you’re wearing something really tight. And it’s much easier to look elegant, because your clothes fall better when there are no boobs to get in the way.
And because you are there and I know there’s somewhere I can get nice bras even though I’m not even a B cup, it makes me feel more valid as a woman. I’m fed up of looking through racks of bras which look nice when you’ve got something to fill them, but ridiculous when I put them on. It always makes me feel a bit of a failure.
So thank you, and I wish you all the best with everything!

Best wishes,

Dear Sheila,

Thank you so much for your message. What excellent customer service!!! I am very impressed. I very much hope that I have finally found products that will fit well. Thank goodness for the internet.

Both packages arrived yesterday thanks and 3 out of the 4 are a great fit – an excellent shopping experience. I will certainly be heading your way again.

Thanks so much again, KK is always my first stop for new underwear – your stock range, the extra info provided and customer service is fantastic.

Once again I am very pleased with my order and once again I have placed an order with your excellant lingerie, the price is brilliant and the fit is excellant, please look for further orders from me thank you once again julie West Yorks

I just wanted to let you know that the Bra’s for my daughter have arrived with us in the Falklands. My daughter is over the moon with them – she said they are very comfy & pretty & I don’t feel they are too ”grown up” or ”over the top” for her. The 30A is a better fit, so her younger sister has had the AA’s so its worked out pretty well! I shall have a sit down with her this weekend & browse your website & see what else we can find for her now we know which is the better fit.

Thank You so much for all your help & wonderful customer service, its so difficult buying anything given our remote location, so its always a relief when we find someone we can shop in confidence with & I do sincerely appreciate the care & personal touch you have shown.

I now have 2 very happy Daughters!

Thank you very much – you have been so helpful. It is really hard finding bras that are comfy and a good fit – so its reassuring that you say that and i don’t feel its just me!! Thank you for sending the Rosa bra. Best wishes.

Sorry I didn’t let you know immediately the bras arrived this week, thoughts are elsewhere sorting out daughter’s uni place. Anyway they arrived safely and well packaged and I am delighted I shall certainly be recommending to family and friends. Many thanks indeed for such great service. I hope KnowKnockers goes from strength to strength.

Hi Sheila! Just a little note to say what a great site you have and to say thanks for all your help and advice. You’re a neat lady!!!!

Bought this bra before and I was very pleased. The new gel bra is much lighter plus the bra comes in mine size! Thanks for devoting a web site for the smaller breast women! I hope KnowKnockers will stay in business for a long time to come!!

Hi girls

Just been looking at your website and I think you are absolutely wonderful!  Now that, at 30 and after 2 children, I have finally concluded that it’s not a case of delayed puberty and I am destined to be a AA for the rest of my life, I am over the moon to have discovered your site.

At last!! a site that’s just for us smaller girls! Thanks for all your helpful, lovely to know there’s a real human behind it all too. Will definitely be back, great service, thanks!

Dear Sheila,
Just to thank you for the remainder of my bra order which arrived this morning.   I would like to say how pleased I am with the prompt delivery and the way you kept me informed, it was much appreciated.
Kind regards,

Just to say “Thank you very much” for sending me the two bra’s. They are definitely the prettiest bra’s I have ever owned and they fit better than anything else ever has! What was even better was that there was no embarrassing shopping sessions and the initial order and exchanges came quickly and the returns information was clear and easy.

I wish I had come across your website before, but I will definitely be back in the future!

I am so pleased to find your site. I have long been a fan of Panache gel filled bras, but have always had difficulty finding them, so to find a site dedicated to us flatter women is an absolute joy. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.